About AAOA

About AAOA
The Affiliated Associations of America (AAOA) provides a cooperative platform without the competition for membership for Associations, and Membership Organizations. Our members can discuss issues and develop solutions and strategies to shape the future of our country in order to maintain a vibrant business climate. Members have the opportunity to have a unified voice and the ability to combine their purchasing power to deliver real membership value.

The Power of Partnership
We recognize the importance of Associations, and Membership Organizations, as well as the value of supporting their relationship with their members. We recognize the influence in our state and local community we have when working together with other membership organizations without competing for each other's members.

We listened to our members and realized that organizations were competing for the same members. Members were being required to join Association after Association to find the right benefits for their company, with virtually no coordination between the organizations.

The Affiliated Associations of America supports memberships in our partner organizations and does not compete for our partner's members. We developed the AAOA member benefit program to provide a variety of programs and services to enhance the value of our partner's membership. Using the "Power of Partnership," we are dedicated under our mission to help Associations, and Professional Membership Organizations be successful.

Our Mission
"Our Mission is to value the relationships that our Associations have with their members; to strive to be a strong voice for our members on the issues; to reach out to all Associations; to build strong long-lasting partnerships; to provide the benefits and services that increase and retain membership; and work to keep businesses profitable."

Our History
In 2003, the Association realized our membership model had wide appeal to many other organizations. We discovered an emerging desire for Associations to have a unified voice for their members and a need for member benefits that were not limited by industry.

To administrate and operate a menu of benefits and services that could serve multiple organizations, a complex information technology platform was designed. Once designed, the benefit platform required a full year of development before it was ready for release to the market. Today the data center provides a solid foundation allowing member organizations and their member's online support and access to the benefits.

Realizing the Association would require a name change to reflect the growing interest and participation from these new Associations, the name was changed in 2004 to the Affiliated Associations of America. A new Mission Statement was developed and the commitment to build the organization through supporting membership was implemented.