Affiliated Associations of America (AAOA) created a number of turnkey unique member benefit programs for our Associations to offer their members.

When an organization becomes a member, AAOA grants a reciprocated membership to all of the members of that Association, or Membership Organization. All AAOA member benefits are then available to Association members with no additional membership fees. This reciprocated membership also extends to the employees of an organization’s members.

Attract & Retain Members
Member benefits are a great way to promote and grow your organization, and have been proven to increase member retention. That is why with AAOA member benefits your membership doesn't cost, it pays!

Member Benefits
New benefits are added to our program regularly. Take a look and see what we have to offer your members and become a member of AAOA today. 

Dues and Services
The Affiliated Associations of America (AAOA) is committed to building stronger organizations by supporting and recognizing membership and enhancing the value it represents.

AAOA membership is only offered to bona fide Associations and Membership Organizations.

Membership Dues
AAOA membership dues are paid annually based upon the organization's initial date of membership. Locate the organization type in the table below to determine the cost of membership for your organization. Annual dues do not vary based upon the size of the Association.

Organization Type

Annual Dues


Trade Association



Professional Association