The changes employers face as a result of healthcare reform have created a new emphasis on worksite wellness programs. Employers are turning to wellness programs as one of the tools to provide a long-term solution to rising healthcare costs. Worksite wellness programs are now including the workplace environment and culture to change employee behavior and decisions. Vending machines and food offerings in the workplace are transitioning to provide healthy food alternatives to employees.

Making that transition is easier for employers with AAOA's benefit partner, Apple-A-Day. Apple-A-Day is a monthly service delivering fresh, Washington apples to your workplace each week. The apples are stored in a small refrigerator, provided by Apple-A-Day, and used to keep apples crisp and rich in flavor all week long.

Apple-A-Day provides the natural and sustainable energy needed to keep a workforce performing to the best of their abilities. Their service is a healthy benefit employers can provide for their employees and is the perfect start or addition to any wellness program.

Sign-up for Apple-A-Day, through AAOA, and bring a fresh bite to your workplace wellness! Call toll free 866-968-0545 or request more information.

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