Wellness Program


AAOA Wellness Program
Companies are looking for ways to lower health care costs and now you have a wellness program that can do a lot to help your employees stay healthy. Research shows that for every dollar an employer invests in worksite wellness employers could save $3.48 on medical costs and as much as $5.82 on the cost of employees who have to miss work because of an illness or injury.

As leaders in innovation, AAOA, UnitedHealthcare, and AllSavers, have teamed up to provide employers the first wellness program that provides rewards and support to get fit and stay healthy. If your employer has group medical coverage through AAOA Healthcare this new program is included in your current coverage.

AAOA has developed scalable, turnkey wellness programs for groups with AAOA medical coverage. If you are an employer not sure of where to start or an employee looking to bring a recommendation to your workplace, learn more about AAOA's Wellness Program.

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