HR Assessments

Hr -assess

HRassessments - A Strategic Way to Untangle HR Complexity
Many say the devil is in the details. That's certainly true for HR departments as they deal with business changes, new state and federal regulations, and broad responsibilities. HRassessments from HRnovations untangles the confusion, helping to ensure that your HR function is in compliance and running smoothly.

Typical Assessment Process
• One-on-One Meetings
• Analysis of Materials, Processes and Perceptions
• Comprehensive Report and Action Plan

Assessment Review Areas
• Affirmative Action Plans
• Benefits Programs
• Compensation
• Drug and Alcohol Testing
• Employee Relations
• Forms
• Hiring Practices
• HR Compliance
• Job Descriptions
• Safety Programs

The HR Value Assessment - A Personalized & Customized Report to Improve HR Operations

3-Step Process
• Step 1 - Data and Information Collection
• Step 2 - Reports and Analysis
• Step 3 - Report and Summary Recommendations

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