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HRoutsourcing - A Strategic Way to Grow, While Reducing HR, Benefit & Payroll Costs

HRnovations delivers HR, benefits and payroll outsourcing solutions that add bottom-line value. Unlike most firms which offer a one-size-fits-all approach, HRnovations has designed a flexible outsourcing approach that reduces real costs, directly (financially) and indirectly (time). This allows your business to retain more of the revenue it generates.

Two Outsourcing Service Models As your partner for the people-related aspects of your business, HRnovations offers two outsourcing options that help increase business value and growth. With both options, clients continue to manage core business activities, such as selecting, directing, and supervising employees, and determining employee compensation.

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)
Ideal for small organizations. In this model, HRnovations:

• Acts as a co-employer to your workforce
• Sponsors and administers benefit plans
• Pools your employees with a larger group to provide better benefits
• Processes payroll and administers employment taxes
• Provides additional HR support, risk management and employment related compliance

HRO (Human Resources Outsourcing)
An agency-based outsourcing relationship that includes a comprehensive and flexible a la carte menu of HR, benefits, and payroll services:

• Part-time, on-demand delivery of HR services
• HR services determined by a work plan customized to your needs
• Option to access a comprehensive employee benefits program
• Option to add payroll and employer tax administrative services

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